Congressman Lists Lawmakers Concerns Surrounding Amazon's Acquisition Of Whole Foods

Posted June 22, 2017

But Mackey, at the Friday town hall, said, "Over time, there could be other formats that evolve that - that might - wouldn't be branded Whole Foods Market, potentially, wouldn't be our standards".

Amazon's ground game has been very light overall, but will be extended if and when the company's $14 billion acquisition of the Whole Foods supermarket chain closes.

Without cashiers or checkout lines, Whole Foods might not need quite as many employees-and with fewer workers to pay, it would be even easier for Amazon/Whole Foods to lower prices for customers. He didn't explain how the company culture would change, but did say, "There'll be leadership changes at Whole Foods Market". The latter in particular, which is the largest membership-only warehouse club in the USA, could be hurt considerably by the Amazon-Whole Foods deal.

"After adjusting for Australia's population, the Whole Foods acquisition is the equivalent of a 34 store, $1.5 billion turnover business in Australia".

Grocers trying to compete with the threat of a combined Amazon and Whole Foods will have to make their stores more appealing, leverage their locations to offer delivery and do a better job of collecting shopper data.

"Like an old traditional marriage, where there are all kinds of rules and chaperones, we can't consummate the marriage until we're officially hooked up", he said.

"There's boundless ideas and synergies, and I think it will inspire some other interesting combinations between online and brick-and-mortar going forward", said Ripco Real Estate's Peter Ripka.

Justices say law on offensive trademarks is unconstitutional
Constitution's First Amendment, winning at the appeals court level before the government appealed to the high court. The ruling was good news for the Washington Redskins and others embroiled in a legal fight over their name.

Amazon now has a grocery delivery service called Amazon Fresh, available in about 20 cities in the USA, but it struggled to make enough headway in becoming America's grocer.

Amazon, which made a splash a year ago with a checkout-free grocery store, has said it has no plans to automate the jobs of Whole Foods cashiers.

Experts note that most Whole Foods shoppers are already familiar with Amazon and are lining up for what could be a smooth transition.

"This is not a Tinder relationship", he clarified. "The company didn't say which banner, Whole Foods Market or 365 by Whole Foods, would lead that growth", Michelle Grant, head of retailing at Euromonitor, wrote to Retail Dive in an email.

Here's more of what he had to say and how the deal came into being, from the US Securities and Exchange Commission transcript of his address.

Amazon is known for taking the long view.

Analysts say there's no reason to think Amazon's deal with Whole Foods will be limited to groceries. It only seems logical that they would make this move mainstream with their newly acquired grocery chain, and according to some reports, they're already making plans to cut staff.