NDP, Greens vote against their political goals in favour of defeating Liberals

Posted June 28, 2017

Green leader Andrew Weaver said while he might support the idea, he can't vote in favour of a Liberal government that has yet to truly test the confidence of the house since the May 9 election.

He says the motion will ask for an immediate vote in the legislature on the speech, but that's not expected to happen because it requires the unanimous consent of the members of the legislature, including the Liberals.

The BC NDP introduced a non-confidence motion in the legislature today.

In a mark of how weird B.C.'s political situation has become since the close May 9 election results, it's believed to be the first time in the province's history that a government bill has been defeated in the "first-reading" stage, which effectively kills it before it's ever even read in the legislature.

The proposed changes would also apply the new rules to local governments.

For the NDP, it meant voting against legislation to ban union and corporate donations - legislation the party introduced six times while in opposition - without a hint of debate. Make no mistake-it was the loathing of Clark, more than anything else, that put her party on the verge of being in opposition.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver appealed in a statement for the Liberals to provide a Speaker to a future NDP government.

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Then it was time for a debate on the throne speech.

The opposition parties are refusing to even read new legislation, and the governing Liberals have been unwilling to expedite a confidence vote.

"Let's be clear: If the concerns around the speaker can not be resolved, it will be because the B.C. Liberals have once again chosen to put their own political self-interest ahead of the interests of British Columbians", Weaver said.

NDP house leader Mike Farnworth said he received no notice of the four-page letter, and it appears to be the latest attempt by the B.C. Liberals to avoid losing power to the NDP and Greens. After all, the Liberals can only dodge an actual confidence vote for another day or two. Her party has the most seats and plans to govern until a confidence vote, she said.

Instead, Clark will self-centeredly demolish the legacy of ex-premier Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal government of the past 16 years, leaving the party looking desperate, unprincipled and adrift. Letting those two bills proceed past a first reading would have been a way to say to the public that they don't care where good legislation comes from, as long as it is good legislation. "If that is so, it strikes me that we should be able to accommodate that between now and Thursday".

Christy Clark has set the bar high in promising less partisan, more collaborative, more compassionate government. "It's an ironic position for a government, and maybe one in its last days, to be criticized because the provincial economy is performing way better than you told us".