Donald Trump associate Roger Stone to testify before House Intelligence Committee

Posted June 30, 2017

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Podesta were among several Democratic Party groups and individuals targeted in a hacking campaign that United States intelligence and political leaders have blamed on Russian Federation.

Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman met with the House Intelligence Committee in a behind-closed-doors meeting on June 27 amid breaking news that Democrats and the Obama administration knew well before the election of Russia's attempted meddling.

"We tried really hard", Buschel told Politico, adding that the committee said that "They're done with public".

In a statement, Roger Stone's lawyer said the political operative has been "much maligned by innuendo and misinformation" regarding the investigations into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

Stone had asked to appear at a public hearing before the committee, which is examining the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation, his attorney, Robert Buschel, told Politico.

Was the information possessed by Podesta so sensitive that he couldn't testify in an open hearing?

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Asked if he would be returning to meet with the House or Senate intelligence committees, Podesta said, "Hope not".

"The president and the entire administration were dealing with an unprecedented incidence of the weaponization of the fruits of Russian cyber activity and making the best judgments they could on behalf of the American people", Podesta told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

Stone predicted last summer on Twitter that there would be an October surprise that would disrupt Clinton's campaign, and he even suggested Podesta would face scandal shortly before the Democrat's emails started surfacing on WikiLeaks. "I may not be able to sue a member of Congress, but I sure as hell can sue the f- out of Podesta. The claim that I had knowledge of the hacking of his email by WikiLeaks in advance is a demonstrable lie".

Podesta's comments come as President Trump has increasingly criticized Obama's response to the Russian efforts to influence the election.

Stone said he was "unaware at the time of the brief exchange of allegations that the hacker in question is suspected of being a Russian asset".