Qatar condemns Saudi refusal to negotiate over demands

Posted June 30, 2017

Saudi Arabia, along with several other Middle Eastern states, on June 5 cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed economic and commodities sanctions upon the nation, including blockading seaports, airports and roads, preventing much needed medical supplies and food from entering.

Mr. Emamzadeh pointed out that in his meeting with "Jaber al-Harmi" the then editor of Al-Sharq newspaper (one of the most significant Qatari newspapers), Jaber al-Harmi told him that, ; "my generation and our fathers only known Shiraz (Iranian close city to Doha) for their shopping, health care and entertainment!"

Heading into Tuesday evening's meeting with Kuwait's minister of state for cabinet affairs, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah, Tillerson said, "We hope all the parties will continue to talk to one another in good faith".

The Qatar crisis seems to have escalated further as the Saudi Arabia-led block is considering fresh sanctions that may include asking trading partners to choose between them or Doha, United Arab Emirates' ambassador to Russian Federation said.

In Saudi Arabia, thousands of farmers and domestic workers originally from Asian countries have been effectively stranded in the nearly one-month-old spat after their employers were kicked out, Ali Bin Smaikh al-Marri, chair of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), said in a Wednesday media conference. Bahrain accused Qatar of "military escalation" after Turkey last weekend airlifted armoured vehicles to Qatar and hinted it might send more troops.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, along with Egypt, cut diplomatic and transport ties with Qatar in early June, accusing the country of supporting "extremism" and their regional ally, Iran - charges that Qatar has repeatedly denied.

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Joe Scarborough took aim at Al Jazeera on Wednesday's episode of Morning Joe, slamming the news organization for being used as a prop to spread disinformation and support terrorism.

The Saudi Arabia-led block is considering fresh sanctions against Qatar. Some of the demands remain vague; many require a huge change of course from Qatar in terms of both its foreign and domestic policy. Much has been made of the distance between President Trump's enthusiastic support for the Saudi position and Tillerson's preference for a speedy negotiated end to the embargo.

Tillerson met Al Thani on Tuesday and later Qatar's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the US Secretary of State was working towards finding a solution to solve the issue at hand, a CNBC report said.

"This list of demands is non-negotiable and should be implemented in full", remarked Al Jubeir.

Arab countries demanded from Qatar to comply with 13 points in return for an end to a three-week-old diplomatic and trade boycott of the country.

Sheikh Mohammed said in the statement that since it was impossible for Doha to stop doing things it had never been doing, "we are left to conclude that the objective of the ultimatum was not to address the issues listed, but to pressure Qatar to surrender its sovereignty".