Syrian Kurds send military reinforcements to Aleppo to impede Turkish advance

Posted June 30, 2017

US Defense Minister Mattis announced that the Syrian extension of the terrorist organization PKK will be made to aid YPG equipment.

Turkey's military is gearing up for an all-out offensive on areas now held by Kurdish militia in northern Syria, local media reported on Thursday. The YPG is an ally of the United States and has provided America intelligence for airstrikes against ISIS for years.

Describing American reassurances to Turkey that the USA will take back weapons given to the Syrian Kurds after the IS fight, Mattis said it depends on when or where the next mission is.

Late Tuesday, Turkish army retaliated with artillery fire at the YPG forces in northern Syria after the Kurdish militia targeted Turkey-backed rebels.

The announcement came just days after the USA told Turkey it will take back weapons supplied to the YPG in northern Syria after the defeat of Daesh.

"We will respond to any Turkish attacks on Rojava-Northern Syria".

Syrian Kurds send military reinforcements to Aleppo to impede Turkish advance
Syrian Kurds send military reinforcements to Aleppo to impede Turkish advance

However, at this time, there have been no signs that YPG commanders or fighters plan to re-deploy from Raqqa to northern Syria as a result of the increasing hostilities between Ankara and the Kurds, according to a spokesperson at U.S. Central Command. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated the Turkish troops are in Syria to "end the rule of the tyrant Assad", though he later backtracked on that sentiment.

On Thursday, Kurtulmus repeated the Turkish government's criticism of the USA administration and called the arming of the YPG a result of U.S. "indecision".

The United States treats the YPG and the PKK as separate entities. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis suggested on June 27 that the USA may continue to arm the Kurds after the battle of Raqqa. And he also sounded a cautionary tone when asked if all the weapons would be returned.

Mattis' comments marked the first time he has spoken at length publicly about the US pledge to recover the weapons provided to the Kurds.

Mattis said the USA has made it clear all along that, "we're going to equip them for the fight". Secretary of Defense James Mattis was even more direct, predicting that the situation would be even more complex after the fall of Raqqa.

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