Top 5 Things to Do in the Destiny 2 Beta

Posted July 19, 2017

The Destiny 2 beta kicked off on PS4 today, and it's coming to Xbox One tomorrow, at least for those who pre-ordered the game.

Since this is an early build of the game, there are a few issues that have yet to be squashed before release.

Destiny 2 is an online role-playing game, so you will start by creating a character. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network both sent verification emails after making a new account and you won't be able to access their given stores otherwise.

If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 for PS4, you can access the servers at 10:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, July 18. And if you're on PC, don't worry - you'll be able to try out the beta in late August.

It's set to be one of the biggest sequels this autumn, but you can play Destiny 2 this week - if you join the beta.

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Countdown: Enter the Crucible to battle other Guardians in a brand new mode. You can play a level of the campaign, a co-op strike level, and multiplayer until the cows come home, but only two of those things are really representative of what Destiny 2 is all about, and they're over about as soon as they begin, making this feel much more like an extended advertisement than anything else.

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision is giving PlayStation 4 gamers who pre-ordered Destiny 2 first dibs on the early access beta that is rolling out today (perhaps already, by the time you read this). Everything you need to enjoy the content available in the beta will be put front and center.

There'll also be the chance to play the three new subclasses: Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan. Countdown rounds can take a bit of time since they are slower paced, especially if you are playing against a good team. The game won't stop to matchmake, and it won't have any noticeable lag or hang while that person loads in. Two teams fight for control of three flags throughout the battlefield.

The Destiny 2 beta features a decent array of content, including the first story mission "Homecoming".

Character Progression ("the Beta does not represent how your characters will evolve in Destiny 2").