Baby Charlie Gard's latest brain scan is 'sad reading'

Posted July 24, 2017

The most recent scans of Charlie's brain, which were presented as "sad reading" in a pre-court hearing before his parents were even apprised of the results, caused another courtroom outburst from Gard: "I'm not f*****g listening to this biased s**t anymore".

Staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in central London are said to have received thousands of abusive messages from supporters of Gard's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, who are contesting the hospital's decision to remove the infant's life support.

And despite their own feelings for the hospital administration that is facilitating the roadblocks between them and treatment for their son, Gard's parents have spoken up in defense of hospital staffers.

The hospital and Charlie's parents are in a legal battle to remove life support from the 11-month-old, who has a rare genetic disorder.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard are hoping to stop the hospital from turning off their son's life support so that they can pursue experimental treatments in the USA for his rare form of a mitochondrial disease.

"Staff have received abuse both in the street and online", she said.

MacLeod said families visiting other ill children have also been "harassed and discomforted" on the grounds of the renowned hospital in London.

Death threats over Charlie Gard case
Charlie Gard's dad yells, mom weeps after brain scan called 'sad'

The pre-hearing Friday was the latest step in his parents' long legal battle to give Charlie, who suffers from mitochondrial depletion syndrome and can not breathe unaided, an experimental treatment.

British and European courts have so far backed the doctors' position, ruling that transferring Charlie to the US would prolong suffering without a realistic prospect of success.

Mr Gard added: "We have always acted in Charlie's best interests and we have never slated gosh publicly, in fact we have been grateful to the staff for their care despite some conflicting issues".

'Many of the messages are menacing, including death threats'.

"We recognise the tireless advocacy of Charlie's loving parents and the natural sympathy people feel with his situation".

"Great Ormond Street Hospital is in close contact with the Metropolitan police and we will do everything possible to hold to account anybody who involved in this kind of deplorable behaviour". The parents said at the hearing it was the first time they were being told about the latest results in the crucial test of Charlie's brain function, according to the AP.

Charlie's mother spent this week meeting with doctors at the hospital and the American specialist, Michio Hirano, according to the Associated Press.

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