Friendly fire strike by U.S. kills 16 Afghan police, officials say

Posted July 24, 2017

Taliban have obviously increased activities in Afghanistan's northern region as the armed insurgents conducted series of offensives in a few districts in a single day on Sunday, leaving over three dozen people dead and injured, officials said.

The Associated Press reported the Taliban launched four assaults on the district headquarters early Sunday, pushing forces from the compound.

Ghor governor said that the Taliban killed a number of doctors and employees of Taywara district after seizing control of the area.

Taywara and Kohistan were overrun by the Taliban after days of clashes with security forces.

The district, laying in north of provincial capital Lashkar Gah city, has been the scene of heavy clashes between security forces and Taliban since early Thursday after Taliban attacked security checkpoints with suicide vehicle bombs and heavy weapons.

The United States in a statement confirmed that the airstrike on the Security Forces compound occurred during a US -supported operation against Taliban insurgents in the area.

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He said they had recaptured the post from the Taliban when the airstrike occurred.

Meanwhile, Moheseni said at least eight police were killed in battles against the militants in Ghor, an impoverished, remote province in central Afghanistan. The forces took up position about 5 miles away to wait for reinforcements to launch a counterattack, the AP said. It wasn't immediately clear if they had been kidnapped or had escaped.

Security forces were engaged in fierce gunfights in two districts, but Taliban fighters managed to register their victory because of the poor war leadership is being cited as the reason.

This latest spell of intense clashes broke out earlier this week when the Afghan National Security Forces, backed by US air power, managed to reclaim the restive Nawa district in the Helmand province after over a year when the Taliban overrun it.

Again, the fatal incident, which illustrates the deterioration of the situation, which happened on the highway connecting Faryab, the capital of Farah province (north-west), to the large western city of Herat, the taliban had temporarily blocked: they have forced the bus to stop and the sixteen passengers to get off.