Spokeswoman: Trump 'joking' when he told police to be 'rough' on suspects

Posted August 02, 2017

"I wasn't involved in the statement drafting at all, nor was the president", Sekulow told CNN's Chris Cuomo last month. Trump Jr. responded with a statement claiming the meeting was "primarily" about adoption and its relation to USA sanctions on Russian Federation under the Magnitsky Act.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump thinks that because he didn't do anything wrong, he can't obstruct the criminal investigation into Russian electoral meddling.

Trump continues to tweet about the "phony" investigation, and his legal team also is reportedly digging through the backgrounds of Mueller's staff and top reporters who have worked on the Russian Federation story to procure damaging information about them. If he asked, did Trump tell him less than the full truth?

The White House has declined to comment. The statement, which ran in the New York Times, stressed that the meeting was "not a campaign issue at the time", the Post notes.

The president's lawyer initially denied that Mr Trump had any input. Trump Jr.'s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, said in a statement to the Post that his client was "fully" and "absolutely" prepared to make a "fulsome" statement. In his mind, they said, there is nothing to hide. He'd be better off understanding it for what it is: a desperate effort to help him help himself.

Teen accused of livestreaming deadly vehicle crash set to appear in court
The video then recorded the vehicle crashing. "It's important for people not to rush to judge her". "She was just amusing ". During Obdulia Sanchez's first court appearance she sat emotionless as the court read her charges.

From CNN: "A self-described "email prankster" in the United Kingdom fooled a number of White House officials into thinking he was other officials, including an episode where he convinced the White House official tasked with cyber security that he was Jared Kushner and received that official's private email address unsolicited".

In New York, Police Commissioner James O'Neill said in a statement that to "suggest that police officers apply any standard in the use of force other than what is reasonable and necessary is irresponsible, unprofessional and sends the wrong message to law enforcement as well as the public". A damaging story is breaking, and Trump's advisers are facing the dilemma many administrations have faced before: How do we deal with it?

The adviser said Trump was treating the entire situation as a political problem - when it is also potentially a legal one, involving several congressional investigations and a Department of Justice special counsel probe led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. And as is so often the case with Trump, the lie was quickly revealed for what it was.

"I have nothing to add to this", a White House official said Monday when asked about the speech and the criticism Trump received, declining to go on the record.

Their fears were inevitably realized, and now the Russian Federation scandal has reached all the way to the president himself.