No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update available now

Posted August 12, 2017

Hello Games's notorious and controversial exploration game, No Man's Sky, has released a massive update on the anniversary of their release date.

Entitled Atlas Rises, the update introduces monumental changes and improvements to numerous game's systems, including 30 hours of entirely new story content, new missions, and a barebones form of online multiplayer.

Players who come close to each other will see their fellow travellers visualised as unusual floating orbs, and will be able to travel with them and meet up on other planets. While interaction is limited, players who run into one another will be able to communicate via proximity based voice chat.

You'll need to be in exactly the right places for this to happen however, so don't expect just to bump into people on the fly.

No Man's Sky has released several updates this past year which have helped to satisfy fans of the game. At the time, we knew that this update would add a Stargate style fast travel system and make changes to the story. A new interdimensional race have appeared, ancient portals have activated, and there's more depth to the lore and interactions in the game, letting you uncover the background to the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, Sentinels and more.

Other additions will include crashed freighters to loot, terrain editing, and the ability to summon your ship if you get a little lost.

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For the full extensive patch notes, check out the long, long list on the No Man's Sky website.

A terrain editor has also been added, as has a new mission agent offering up side tasks to be undertaken on a user's journey.

Developer Hello Games has also said the variety and visual quality of different planets has again been expanded and improved, with new planet types also being added to the game. There are also procedurally-generated missions and a form of multiplayer called Joint Exploration, where other players are represented as floating orbs. With the new trade goods being added in and a tiered crafting system, players could essentially supply and demand as they see fit across the stars. You can improve your standing with multiple NPC guilds to receive more challenging missions.

Players can travel together and interact with up to 16 other players.

As No Man's Sky has developed, it's struggled to balance the appeal of its mystery with the utility that makes it playable. Full details can be found over here.