Twitter is (rightfully) giving Taylor Swift a standing ovation right now

Posted August 12, 2017

Taylor Swift is now in the midst of a sexual assault trial against former radio host David Mueller-and as uncomfortable as the topic may be, the singer's testimony offers a very necessary reminder for everyone.

The singer, who was 23 at the time, did not file a police report because she did not want the incident made public, her attorney Doug Baldridge said.

Swift Thursday saw Taylor Swift on the stand in Colorado, testifying about the night in 2013 that she claims deejay David Mueller groped her during a backstage meet-and-greet.

After the allegations surfaced, Mueller lost his job at the radio station so he sued Taylor for $3 million in damages.

Swift countersued Mueller, claiming sexual assault. Mr Mueller, then a host on the top-rated radio station KYGO, had been invited to meet her before the show.

Swift has been present for the proceedings every day since jury selection began on Monday, entering and exiting the courthouse through an undisclosed passageway that has allowed her to avoid media camped outside the building. Her answers were direct, stern, and unwavering. But they do want others to know "that you can always say no".

Taylor alleged that Mueller groped her butt during a meet-and-greet back in June 2013 and the DJ was sacked from his job two days later. "I thought it was a violation of her body". Swift testified the photo captured the exact moment she was groped. "My understanding was that he had put his hand under her dress and grabbed her rear end".

"This is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt - with his hand on my ass", she said.

"Yes, she did not have her hand on my ass", Swift replied.

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'You can ask me a million questions - I'm never going to say anything different.

Swift said "this was something I did not want known".

(5) McFarland argued Swift's skirt showed no signs of disruptment.

Meanwhile, Furtado isn't the only one offering support to Swift during her trial. I felt what appeared to be a ribcage or rib.

(7) McFarland questioned why no one witnessed Mueller grabbing Swift's backside.

Taylor Swift says a security guard working for her witnessed her being groped by a former radio host ahead of her 2013 concert in Denver. In the counter-suit, Swift claims that Mueller has been fired from on-air jobs twice before and hasn't worked on-air since 2006 (which seems a little off, but that's what the statement said).

Mueller first sued Swift in 2015.

Mueller sued first, blaming Swift for getting him fired.

"Anybody who knows Taylor Swift knows she has really strong lyrics", said Craftsy's Carly Chapple. But Swift disagreed with that assertion and said that he intentionally grabbed her buttocks and held on as she attempted to move away. "And here we are years later and I'm being blamed for the unfortunate events in his life", referring to the DJ losing his job.