Amber Heard pokes fun at Barnaby Joyce over dual citizenship

Posted August 16, 2017

"If there has been a single communication between a member of staff of the opposition and the opposition over in New Zealand, that wasn't what caused Barnaby Joyce to be a New Zealand citizen", Labor's Mark Dreyfus said.

Bishop was referring to two questions lodged in the New Zealand parliament by Labour lawmaker Chris Hipkins, who asked whether children born in Australia to a New Zealand father automatically had New Zealand citizenship.

Not only is it a constitutional cliff-hanger, Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal National coalition Government is on a knife-edge as it only holds a one-seat majority in the lower house, so could be forced into a by-election.

"New Zealand is facing an election, should there be a change of government I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations created to undermine the government of Australia".

"Let's be clear, I am resolutely committed to bringing down Mr Joyce and the National Government, but it's a different Mr Joyce and a different National Government".

"There may have been issues but they just knew that either party might be attacked on these grounds, so they just hadn't pursued it".

The constitution bans MPs from having dual nationality.

"The High Court has made it very clear in a number of cases that section 44 can not be read literally and has to be read in accordance with its objective and its intent, and there are limitations to its scope", he told Question Time on Tuesday.

"And meanwhile, also, the New Zealand High Commissioner here was paying a visit to Barnaby Joyce and telling him he might have a problem".

Angyal argued that under this New Zealand offer, and other such laws in other countries around the world, all Australian citizens are inadvertently in breach of section 44. "Australian media inquiries were", Mr Dunne tweeted. "It is quite extraordinary", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told Parliament on Wednesday.

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It's is baffling, then, that prospective politicians - those who wish to make a difference to the society in which they grew up - may be ineligible for being a dual citizen.

Julie Bishop accused the ALP of colluding with a foreign political party to damage the government, which NZ's Labour leader Jacinda Arden said was false and "highly regrettable".

"I only had it confirmed on Thursday that. apparently by reason of my father being a New Zealander, I was a New Zealander and now I'm doing everything I can to fix it up and I'm sure the High Court, who are vastly wiser than me, will come up with all the answers".

"No-one sets out to confuse the public with their citizenship", he said.

"Australian domestic politics is for them, not for us, and that is the line I maintain".

Williams said it was likely both cases before the High Court, Canavan's and Joyce's, would not be settled for months, possibly not until December.

Saunders said Australia should take cues from worldwide law, whereby dual citizens who have "naturalized" in one nation take on a "real and effective" nationality, leaving their dual-citizenship "dormant".

What do Johnny Depp and Amber Heard think about this?

"Assuming this passes his biosecurity laws", she said, jokingly.