Apple scales back vehicle ambitions

Posted August 24, 2017

In the meantime, the company is focusing on a self-driving campus shuttle, codenamed PAIL - short for "Palo Alto to Infinite Loop".

In February 2015, Business Insider reported an email from an Apple employee which stated that the company was working on something that will give "Tesla a run for its money". Apple will no longer work on building a fully contained self-driving vehicle, but will instead work on the underlying technology.

PAIL, which isn't up and running yet, will likely be a commercial vehicle from another auto manufacturer and will be used to test Apple's self-driving technology.

In July 2016, the Special Projects team was reorganized under a new leader, Bob Mansfield. They had also experimented with swapping the steering wheel for a sphere that would have given "better lateral movement", whatever the New York Times journalist means by that. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 Apple may be well on its well to a $1 trillion market cap that it could possibly reach at some point next year. The company also put its attention on reimagining the wheel, considering the possibility of using spherical wheels -round like a globe- instead of the traditional, round ones, noting that spherical wheels could allow the auto better lateral movement.

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Apple scaling back its plans to build self-driving cars, focusing instead on the software and technology for autonomous vehicles, according to a New York Times report late Tuesday.

"We are a self-driving technology company", Waymo's incoming chief executive John Krafcik said. Time will tell if Apple will be the one to make that revolution happen.

Such lofty goals in such a nascent area of technology, along with alleged "arbitrary or unrealistic deadlines" and "shifting priorities", ensnared Apple, according to the employees. Cook mentioned how the modern descendants of the Model- T would be shaken to the very chassis, with the growing importance of software and shift away from internal combustion engine, along with the rise of autonomous vehicles. It is specifically seeking out people with autonomous vehicle software experience. However, there were disagreements on whether CarOS should be programmed using Apple's programming language Swift or with C++. The shuttle will transport employees from one building to another. Strikingly, most of the issues Apple faced with Project Titan reminds us a lot about similar scenarios Nokia and Palm had a decade ago, who were industry leaders in their products back then.