Taylor Swift's New Album, "Reputation"

Posted August 25, 2017

Her album cover art appeared on Instagram and Twitter - after she wiped all of her social media clean last Friday and posted videos of a snake on Monday. One line, in particular, stood out: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why?"

"Why? I made that b-- famous (Goddamn) I made that b-- famous".

Taylor Swift has had her fair share of chart-topping hits over the course of her career, and she's apparently ready to try for a few more.

Neither Swift nor her label have announced a specific time that the single will be made available on iTunes and other platforms, nor do we even know the title of the song, but generally new music tends to turn up on the iTunes Store sometime around midnight.

She followed up her video of an unidentified creature's tail to reveal, as fans had expected, the mystery reptile was a snake. More still looked to Swift's outfit choice, of just a beige/gray sweater, and note that the shirt is very similar to a West or Kardashian style. Some have also noted that the way the text overlaps on the newspapers on Swift's album resembles that of Kanye's The Life of Pablo. Swifties have been trying to re-claim the snake emoji this summer after it was used against Taylor during #SnapchatGate 2k16.

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Taylor has been asked about the explanation behind the video clip, but the artist has not responded, leaving her fans and critics alike to make up their own minds about the message she was sending.

She was awarded the symbolic $1 in damages that she had sought after a federal jury in Denver found the DJ had grabbed her bottom while posing for a photo with her in 2013. And in July, Kim shared snippets of the taped audio of the phone call in question on her Snapchat story.

The internet erupted into a frenzy.

Firing back: Kim fired back at Swift in a subtle slam tweeting 'It's legit National Snake Day?!?!?

The snake emojis disappeared soon enough from Swift's profiles.