How Trump's wall could shut down the United States government

Posted August 27, 2017

A Democratic Party congressman referred to the speech as the worst ever made by a US President. Funding the government without funding the border wall. The border wall is a priority for the president. They also say that Congress shouldn't bend to Trump's request to fund construction of a border wall as a precondition for keeping the government open. "We do need to enforce our borders", Ryan said. By the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, Congress must also either pass a budget (unlikely) or a temporary spending measure to keep the government operating into the new fiscal year.

"If the president pursues this path, against the wishes of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the majority of the American people, he will be heading toward a government shutdown which nobody will like and which won't accomplish anything", Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer of NY said.

"The fact is though, given the time of year it is and the rest of the appropriations we have to do, we are going to need more time to complete appropriations process particularly in the Senate", Ryan said. In Trump's view, it makes him look like a strong leader who is willing to stand up against a weak Congress.

From Fox News polling in May: Only 36 percent of Americans think a wall is going to happen, including 64 percent of Trump voters and 59 percent of Republicans.

The former senator was quick to draw a distinction between what others say makes Trump a non-Republican - his anti-establishment rhetoric and non-career politician status - and the divisiveness that he believes makes Trump a non-Republican.

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Trump has warned he wants money for the wall included in an overall government funding bill.

It also puts more pressure on Republicans to find the votes internally to pass spending bills and an increase in the federal debt limit - two things hard-right conservatives in the House and Senate have refused to support in the past. The President has taken several shots at McConnell on Twitter, largely lashing out at him over the Senate's failure to repeal Obamacare this summer. "This doesn't mean joining Democrats as 'the Resistance.' But it does mean acting on their own to fulfill their legislative promises with or without the support of Mr. Trump".

Trump, leaders' meeting being planned: Even as Trump feuds with GOP leaders, he is working to convene a meeting with them, as well as top Democrats, soon after the August recess ends.

In a statement Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump and McConnell "remain united" on many issues and will meet after Congress returns to Washington in September. While many government functions continued, such as air traffic control and the military, much of the federal workforce was sent home, slowing the economy, stymying markets and frustrating millions of Americans. At his campaign rally, Trump seemed to dare Democrats to block funding for the wall. Stocks were off on Wednesday morning, in what was widely described as a selloff because of fears of a government shutdown.