Kim Kardashian Once Called Herself The "Biggest Taylor Swift Fan"

Posted September 01, 2017

"I'm the biggest Taylor Swift fan", Kim told Entertainment Tonight. This was before Kimye was even a possibility, before the Swift/Katy Perry feud, and before Swift had even started making pop music.

After a messy break-up with DJ-producer Calvin Harris, a subsequent high-profile fling with actor Tom Hiddleston and a very public feud with reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her husband and rapper Kanye West, Swift took a break from the spotlight to gain some control in her life.

Since she debuted as a country act, the media (and everyone with a Twitter account) has been eager to pick her character apart, calling into question her vocal ability, her intentions, her songwriting chops and even her personal authenticity itself.

"Taylor [Swift]'s been working around the clock on this album all summer, but she still managed to make time for romance with Joe [Alwyn]", the source revealed. In light of this, it also seems like one of her recent enemies was once her "biggest fan".

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Moving fast forward to present day, the bitter feud between the stars shows no signs of stopping.

Swift is known for dishing out digs in her songs, and her eagle-eyed fans spotted some pretty questionable ones in the music video.

At the end, she is dressed up as 14 former versions of herself, one being the nerdy girl from "You Belong With Me", another as the ballet dancer from "Shake It Off", along with her 2009 VMAs self where West dissed her and their drama began. "I'm watching you, Taylor, following". "I made that (expletive) famous".

"Taylor [Swift] is hoping Joe [Alwyn] will be able to get away from the set later this week to attend her friend's wedding".