Mobile offers free Netflix with some family plans

Posted September 07, 2017

Instead, you must move to the latest two-line or more T-Mobile One plans.

Starting on September 12, customers with at least two lines on T-Mobile's One family plan will be able to activate a standard $10 a month Netflix subscription at no extra cost, T-Mobile announced Wednesday.

Are there any caveats? .

The promotion sets T-Mobile up to better challenge AT&T, which offers subscribers to its unlimited data plan free access to HBO's streaming service. With this plan, you can stream on two screens at once in HD resolution. And if you want a higher Netflix tier, you'll only pay the difference - which will be added to your TMo bill each month.

Don't expect other carriers to be offering the same, as Legere noted on a press conference call that T-Mobile struck an exclusive long-term relationship with Netflix. Those giant carriers have had a hard time maintaining the speed of their networks as Americans watch more video and use more data on mobile devices, T-Mobile said in the press release.

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In addition, T-Mobile is throwing a Netflix "Meme-a-thon" on Twitter. Streaming Netflix videos in standard definition won't result in additional costs to customers on these plans.

Netflix is the most-used pay-video service on T-Mobile's network in terms of data volume, the carrier said, behind Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube.

NOTE: If the two lines are for a pair of users that are 55-years of age or older, the price is $60 a month, total. T-Mobile One families who sign up for Netflix On Us will also receive T-Mobile's Family Allowances for free. Viewing is not limited to T-Mobile-connected cellular devices, T-Mobile told Ars.

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