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Apr 18th
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The Highlander’s Top 10 iPad Apps

With the advent of the iPad comes a whole new dimension for applications. With a full size keyboard, a larger screen, and soon to be 3G accesses, this hybrid laptop, iPod, and do-everything gadget is soon to be on everyone’s summer purchase list. Aside from all of the usual apps, such as Facebook, iPod, Email, or any of the other preloaded apps, here is a list of our top app choices.

1. Tweetdeck- This is the best Twitter app for iPad. The column format is perfect for viewing tons of tweets all at once. It’s basically the same as the app for the iPhone. However, since the iPad has a larger screen, it is much easier to read the tweets and navigate the application.

2. Solver10p- This app solves linear algebra equations. It can handle from two to 10 variables. - $3.99

3. Pages- The Mac version of Microsoft Word. It’s good for starting an assignment during class. A great attribute is its ability to save documents as a Microsoft Word file to edit later on your PC, if necessary. - $9.99

4. Pandora Radio- Even better with the larger screen, Pandora for iPad is perfect for taking your favorite radio stations on the go. It’s much easier to search for new music, and because of the larger screen size, you can see your stations and the song that is currently playing all on one screen. - Free

5. ESPN Score Center- A constant feed of sports updates are streamed directly to the iPad without refreshing. It’s almost as good as watching Sportscenter, and you can make the content specific to your favorite sport. The only downside is the lack of witty commentary by the anchors.- $4.99

6. Shazam- This app listens to any song that is being played and then gives the song title and artist, as well as places to purchase the song. This app was made for for finding that awesome song that was playing on Entourage or Lost last night. - Free

7. Free Books-23,469 classics to go- This app has, you guessed it, 23,469 public domain books, some of which are used in class here at Seaholm. It’s perfect for replacing the heavy Moby-Dick book that has been at the bottom of your backpack for the past few weeks. – Free

8. Course Notes- A virtual notebook that stores your notes by class. You can print, highlight, and e-mail notes. - $4.99

9. iHomework- A virtual datebook that looks and sounds just like a planner. You won’t need to worry about writing something down in one place, and then forgetting to open your planner if you don’t have homework later. It keeps everything in one location and you can stay organized in all aspects of your life. - $1.99

10. Adobe Ideas- Drawing pad that can be saved in PDF to be used later in Photoshop or any other photo editing software. - Free

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